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Contract R & D

We provide outsourced research and development to the world's leading technology companies. Leverage our significant capabilities to advance your prototypes and demonstrate proof of concept wafers and devices. Contact use to discuss your specific project.

Device & Circuit Fabrication


We offer a complete device fabrication lab to prototype your devices and circuits. We have a full processing line at 100mm wafer diameter with some 200mm wafer tools coming on line.  Please contact us for specific details.



OSEMI has pioneered compound semi wafer growth since 1995, We offer complete materials characterization. We have provided the world's leading technology companies and R&D organizations with advanced semiconductor wafers including LEDs, MOSFETs, HEMTs, Bipolar Devices and IR detectors.  Contact us to find out how we can help move your advanced prototypes to pilot production and the next level.

Equipment Rebuild / Refurbish


OSEMI started in 1995 by rebuilding equipment for it's own use,  Over the years, we have developed new designs and systems to address the needs of advanced semi wafer growth. Today,  we offer a new multigrowth chamber epitaxy tool that mixes flavors of epitaxy including ALD, MBE, CBE and CVD.  If you are looking for a new advanced compound semi epitaxy system or to refurbish your current systems or to purchase rebuilt older systems, or add new capabilities to your semi wafer growth systems, contact us. 

Equipment Rigging and Moving


Don't trust the move of your sensitive semiconductor and scientific lab equipment to just anyone.  OSEMI has over 20 years experience in safely deinstalling, packing, moving and re-installing large and small systems. 

GaN on Si Epiwafe
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